Information About The Gambling Network Associated With Pham Quang Nghi’s Son-In-Law

Due to Pham Quang Nghi’s two sons-in-law holding important positions within state agencies, when news broke that Nguyen Van Duong, Nghi’s son-in-law, was linked to a multi-billion gambling organization, it sparked continuous public discussion and controversy.

Specifically, Nguyen Van Duong, Nghi’s second son-in-law, known as “Duong’s Right-hand Man,” was the former Chairman of the technology company CNC. This company became a shield for a gambling case involving Duong and Phan Sao Nam.

This case was considered large-scale, exceptionally serious, sensitive, and left complex repercussions. It involved the lack of responsibility on the part of government agencies, including Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who received bribes from Duong on multiple occasions.

Individuals involved in Nguyen Van Duong’s case:

  • Phan Sao Nam: When discussing Nguyen Van Duong’s case, Phan Sao Nam immediately comes to mind as one of Duong’s accomplices. He was arrested on charges of organizing gambling and money laundering, as well as being the instigator of Duong’s illegal activities.
  • Nguyen Thanh Hoa: Lieutenant General Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the former director of the C50 police department, was involved in the case of internet-based property misappropriation and illegal gambling. Hoa was indicted along with Nguyen Van Duong, stripped of his title, and expelled from the Party.
  • Phan Van Vinh: Assisting Nguyen Van Duong was Phan Van Vinh, the former Director General of the General Department of Police. He was convicted of abusing his power in the execution of official duties to facilitate Duong’s illegal activities.
  • Other defendants: In addition, this case involved Luu Thi Hong and 88 other defendants who committed unlawful acts with serious consequences.
  • Related internet service providers: Besides the individuals who assisted Nguyen Van Duong in his illicit activities, the internet service providers that benefited from the proceeds of the wrongdoing were fined and their fines were directed into the state budget.